We care for anyone with a life-limiting illness

We’re not the place where ‘people go to die’ – on the contrary, we encourage those who need us to live their lives to the fullest. No one is turned away, regardless of age, race, religion or financial circumstances. There’s no end to caring.

Who is eligible for care?
Any person, and their family, who’s faced with a life-limiting illness, is welcome. No one is turned away, regardless of their age, race, religion or financial circumstances.
List of illnesses

These illnesses include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Cancer
  • Progressive neurological disorders
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • End-stage cardiac, renal, respiratory or hepatic disorders
  • Motor neurone disease (MDR)
  • Children with chronic disorders


To view all the common myths regarding palliative care and life-limiting illnesses, click here to download the PDF.

What we do

HospiceWits provides care to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of patients and their families facing life-limiting illness. This is done with the aim of achieving the best quality of life for the patient. Our desire is to be involved with the patient from the moment they’re diagnosed, offering love, comfort and emotional support to them and their family.

General in-patient care
We have an In-patient Unit in Houghton to provide constant, supervised care to patients who need it. Emotional support and bereavement counselling is provided to patients and their families.
Home-based care
Our focus is placed primarily on providing care to the patient in the comfort of their own home. We do this through our network of palliative-trained professional nurses, doctors and caregivers. Social workers, spiritual counselors and psychologists also attend to emotional and psycho-social needs, in the form of counselling.
Care Workers at Home
Our Caregivers at HospiceWits aim to help patients who are facing health challenges to live life to the fullest while in the comfort of their own homes. We respect the dignity of our patients and their families through placing Palliative trained nursing staff to suit their needs.

Training and education
Accredited courses for professionals and the general public are offered, such as Grief, Loss and Bereavement courses or a one-week introduction to Palliative Care. Other courses cover HIV/AIDS as well as Dementia.
HospiceWits Shops
Our shops have a wide range of new and previously-loved, donated items for sale. If you’re downsizing or upgrading your furniture or wardrobe and would like to donate, please contact us on 011 728 1052 or email [email protected] We collect!
Volunteer services
We’re fortunate to have a group of selfless volunteers who give their time and effort to support us in our important work. We welcome all those willing to lend a helping hand.


Other programmes and initiatives

Mapetla Day Care Centre

Our purpose is to provide a quality early childhood development programme for the preschool orphans and vulnerable children of the HospiceWits Soweto site’s sick, and sometimes deceased, patients.

Our approach is a holistic one, taking into consideration issues of human rights, poverty, benefits to the children, their parents, the community, local schools and the country.

Social and health care workers regularly assess the health of each child. In an attempt to boost their compromised immune systems, children receive two nutritious meals and a snack every school day.

Siyanqoba Empowerment Centre

We provide a facility to our discharged patients to independently run a small income-generating project, where they produce crafts that are sold to the public for their personal sustenance.

HospiceWits is totally invested in providing much-needed skills development for the community in which we work. Many of these people are on our home-care programme and are doing well on antiretroviral treatment.

Unfortunately, the rate of unemployment is extremely high, so we’re doing whatever we can to assist this community in creating work opportunities through skills development.