Here are some good reasons to make charitable giving a part of 2022

Whilst charitable giving is crucial, and guarantees the day-to-day running of the many non-governmental organisations in our country, including HospiceWits, the public often doesn’t realise just how much giving to deserving charities actually does for them.

We’ve often highlighted how the donations you make to HospiceWits support the work we do in Johannesburg and Soweto, but have rarely focused on the many ways in which supporting NPOs can benefit you.

Giving to charities reinforces important moral values

If there’s one thing that the past two years have taught us, it is the importance of looking further than our own tiny circle, and realising how connected and intertwined all our lives are. When we support charities and NGOs, these values, and especially the quintessentially South African value of Ubuntu, are reinforced. We truly are people because of other people, and lending a helping hand to organisations that need it helps to remind us of this fact.

When you support charity, friends and family are inspired to do the same

We sometimes underestimate the ripple effect that giving has, and how that, in turn, impacts organisations that are in dire need of support. The beauty of giving is that there is an organisation out there that ties in with just about any cause that people could care about. When you give to NGOs and tell those near and dear to you about it, they are inspired to make their own little difference. As we all know, a lot of little giving becomes a lot more, and this improves society at large.

It instils positive values in our children

In this day and age, teaching kids the value of giving is of paramount importance. When children are used to being generous, they have a far greater appreciation of what they have, and are more likely to take these values with them into adulthood, and support charities. As NPOs start taking over a lot of the duties formerly performed by local, provincial and national government, ensuring that these organisations have the funds and manpower to do their work becomes more and more central to everyday society.

Giving feels good

Of course, there’s something to be said for the sense of satisfaction that we get from charitable giving. When we do good, we feel good.  

Supporting NGOs is more important now than ever before

COVID-19 has brought the plight of non-profits like HospiceWits into sharp focus. While everyone has certainly felt the financial brunt of the pandemic, these organisations have been hit particularly hard by the knock-on effect that less money in the pockets of donors has had.

While most of us have been feeling the pinch, it is important to reiterate that NGOs are solely reliant on the public to do the work they do. Insofar as it pertains to HospiceWits, making a difference is as easy as using your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card the next time you head to a participating retailer.

Making an impactful difference needn’t be difficult, or gnaw into your already threadbare wallet – and you’ll be making a definite contribution to an organisation that is only able to do our work because of you.

Find out how you can support HospiceWits in 2022 by clicking here.