How you can volunteer at HospiceWits

Have you wanted to support HospiceWits in some way, but don’t have the financial means to make a monetary contribution? Do you have some time on your hands? Becoming a HospiceWits Volunteer might be just the thing for you!

Volunteers are a crucial and central part of the HospiceWits team. Volunteers need not be trained healthcare workers to make a contribution, but can make a meaningful difference in many areas of the organisation when offering their time, skills and experience in other ways.

Here is how you can volunteer with HospiceWits.

  • Help in HospiceWits shops

HospiceWits’ three shops in Parkmore, Kensington and Orange Grove receive and collect donations from the public/organisations, all of which need to be sorted through and placed in the shops for resale and fundraising. Volunteers are most welcome to work in our depot, sorting goods, in the shops, dealing with our customers, or assisting with identifying collectables and then conducting some research.

  • Lend a hand at one of our annual fundraising events

Throughout the year, HospiceWits hosts a number of fundraising events to help raise much needed funds, and ensure we are able to continue providing the services to our patients and their families. These events include the HospiceWits SerendipiTea luncheon, our Book Fair in partnership with Polofields Crossing, the HospiceWits Night with the Stars gala event, and the Tree of Light picnic and tree-lighting event, amongst others. At all these events, additional resources are needed on the day, and also as we prepare for the event.

  • Offer psychosocial support

HospiceWits Volunteers can assist our Homecare Nurses in a variety of ways, including helping patients with errands that they aren’t able to run themselves, and taking outpatients to counselling sessions and other outings. If you have a means of transport, a valid driver’s licence, and some time to spare, you can provide invaluable help to some of the HospiceWits patients in this way.

  • Help us out with admin

HospiceWits is always appreciative of Volunteers who help us with administrative tasks either in our IPU, our Intake department, Human Resources, or other departments. Considering the amount of patients we care for in Johannesburg and Soweto, Volunteers that help us to stay on top of all the admin are a godsend.

How can you get involved?

If you would like to volunteer with HospiceWits in 2022, getting involved is as simple as completing a form on the HospiceWits website and expecting a call or an email from our Volunteer Coordinator.

We cannot fully express our supreme gratitude to each and every Volunteer that has helped us out over the years. Without these people, and the additional support we receive from the public, we would never have been able to offer our care to the many patients we serve.

Get involved as a HospiceWits Volunteer by clicking here.