HospiceWits’ interdisciplinary team and palliative care

HospiceWits takes an interdisciplinary approach to palliative care for people with life-limiting illness, incorporating various experts in this field to ensure that the patients in our care receive holistic treatment that isn’t only limited to meeting their medical needs.

Our team is made up of a number of expert medical caregivers, who all work in unison to provide top-quality care to our patients and to their families.

When you opt for palliative care from HospiceWits, these are the people that you or your loved one will have access to.

General practitioners or physicians

As you might expect, medical doctors will be in charge of the medical care of the patient who is receiving palliative care from HospiceWits. A GP or physician will communicate with the rest of the care team regarding the patient’s medical condition, and will convey this information to the loved ones and relatives of the patient. Physicians will make treatment recommendations and assess the side effects and benefits of particular treatments, as well as explaining what outcome is likely if no treatment regime is followed. Doctors make decisions with regards to tests, the prescription of medication, and other relevant forms of treatment.


The relatives of a patient that is receiving palliative care from HospiceWits are likely to regularly communicate with the nurses tasked with their loved one’s care. HospiceWits nurses administer the medical care a patient needs according to the recommendations made by the GP or physician, in addition to offering direct care to the patient. Nurses often serve in a supervisory role to nursing assistants and other members of the care team.

Nursing assistants

As the name suggests, nursing assistants help in the nursing care of the patient – this includes monitoring a patient’s vital signs and regularly checking their blood pressure, temperature and pulse, and then relaying this information to primary healthcare workers.

Social workers and counsellors

Psychosocial care is a primary pillar of the service HospiceWits provides, and a social worker and counsellors are indispensable to patients and to their families in this regard. In order to relieve the mental distress that many patients and their loved ones experience, these mental health experts employ a variety of techniques and counselling methods.


Depending on the care a patient needs, specialised therapists such as occupational therapists or physiotherapists are sometimes a part of the care team.


HospiceWits is grateful to the many volunteers that offer their time in service of the patients in our care. Volunteers assist HospiceWits in a myriad of ways, including offering companionship to the patient, running errands for the patient and their family, and assisting the primary care team in terms of direct patient care.

Each member of the HospiceWits interdisciplinary team is essential in providing the exemplary service that this organisation has become known for over the years. To learn more about how to access palliative care services from HospiceWits, click here.