Archive: May 31, 2022

The HospiceWits Shops contribute to our Fundraising efforts

Our HospiceWits shops, located at 4 different sites in Johannesburg, are key components of our fundraising efforts and are a mainstay that not only help us offer care and support to our patients but also gives shoppers the opportunity to find a host of products at bargain prices.

Located in Parkmore, Kensington, Orange Grove and at the Rosebank Flea Market, HospiceWits shops stock pre-loved goods, ranging from household appliances to books, furniture, antiques and collectables, toys and children’s clothes and much more. As a registered NPO, HospiceWits relies on the generosity of the public for fundraising, and the sales generated from our charity shops around Johannesburg form a cornerstone of these efforts.

All funds raised at our shops contribute to the significant overheads that an NPO such as ours incurs on a monthly basis.

Recently, the Orange Grove Groover community alerted us to allegations of theft and corruption at the HospiceWits charity shop in Orange Grove. HospiceWits takes note of these allegations with great concern, and would like to thank everyone that has brought these matters to our attention.

HospiceWits would like to assure our community that we are taking measures to investigate them thoroughly, and will where necessary, implement procedures to ensure this kind of activity ceases immediately

It is our intention to always serve the community in which we work, and that not only means doing what we do best – providing support and care to our patients with a life threatening illness and to their families – but also ensuring a pleasant customer service experience for our customers, who are our greatest supporters and enable our nursing team to do their daily work.

HospiceWits thanks the public for its continued support over many years. Without our community, we would not be able to keep on providing palliative care services to patients in need in the greater Johannesburg and Soweto areas.

Should you have any concerns about our shops, please don’t hesitate to send an email to

Polofields Crossing and HospiceWits join forces for third Book Fair this May

The pen is mightier than the sword, states the old adage, and HospiceWits is proud to again join forces with the Polofields Crossing shopping centre to let the spotlight fall on the power of literature at the third Polofields Crossing Book Fair.

Held as a fundraising event for HospiceWits – all proceeds will be used to ensure HospiceWits is able to continue offering palliative care services in Johannesburg and Soweto – the winter edition of the Polofields Crossing Book Fair promises an offering that will warm the hearts of all Joburg’s book lovers.

Taking place from 27 to 29 May between 09:00 and 17:00, the location of this third Book Fair will change slightly, with the main book tent moving to the parking area close to PAUL Bakery and Restaurant at Polofields Crossing.

The winter fair also sees the addition of a book tent dedicated entirely to children’s literature. This expansion of the Book Fair aims to promote reading among perhaps the most important readers of all – the youth.

The kiddies’ book tent won’t just feature a large selection of books for children, but will also give avid little readers the opportunity to listen to young author and anti-bullying activist, Siyavuya Mabece. Mabece’s book Enough! Stop Bullying! addresses a problem that is still far too widespread among the children of our nation. She will be joined by Catherine Jarvis, whose young adult novel The Swim Team won a gold award when the Sanlam Prizes for Youth Literature were presented last year.

Young lovers of the written word are invited to join Mabece and Jarvis in the kiddies’ book tent at 10:00 on Saturday, 28 May, and browse through the selection of children’s literature in the tent between 09:00 and 17:00 on Saturday.

As always, HospiceWits welcomes book donations during the Polofields Crossing Book fair, but also invites book lovers to show their support by donating pre-loved books prior to the festival. Book collections will be done at SuperSpar at Polofields Crossing, SuperSpar Olivedale and Robindale SPAR, as well as at Curro Waterfall. Polofields Crossing and HospiceWits are grateful to the pupils of Curro School, who will also be volunteering their services at the Book Fair on Saturday, 28 May.  

If all the book hunting makes you hungry, don’t forget to indulge in boerie and prego rolls, hot beverages and pancakes, which will be sold by SuperSpar Polofields. Kismet Spices at Polofields Crossing will join in the fun with a display at the Book Fair, and will also be running a competition that lets attendees stand the chance to win great prizes, while adding to their book collection.

HospiceWits extends our heartfelt thanks to Polofields Crossing for again playing host to this popular event, which immeasurably contributes to our annual fundraising efforts. If you’ve always wanted to drop by and support the Polofields Crossing Book Fair, now is the time. After all, nothing takes the bite out of the winter cold like a good book. We look forward to seeing you there from 27 to 29 May!