HospiceWits launches another creative writing competition

From 26 to 28 May, the Winter Edition of the Polofields Crossing Book Fair in aid of HospiceWits will be delighting Gauteng book lovers. Funds from the Book Fair go to HospiceWits, so that we can continue to provide support and palliative care to communities in and around Johannesburg and Soweto.  

The Book Fair is also for aspiring writers and in celebration of it, and in honour of our volunteers and healthcare workers, we are happy to announce another edition of the Polofields Crossing Book Fair Writing Challenge.

How to enter?

The HospiceWits charity shops situated in and around Johannesburg are known for selling a variety of pre-loved goods. If the gems found in these shops could talk, they would surely have a lot of magical tales to tell.

Who drank from the mysterious cup? What drove the couple apart, or what precious secrets did the little box once protect? We hope that one of the items we found in the HospiceWits charity shops will unlock the inspiration for your story.

  • Pick any one of the photos below as the inspiration for your story.
  • Write a story or poem of between 250 and 300 words, inspired by your chosen photo.
  • Submit your entry to bookfair@polofieldscrossing.co.za.
  • Deadline for entries: Midnight on 30 June 2023.

First prize: R 2000 cash 

Second prize: R1000 cash 

Third prize: R500 cash 

Find your inspiration here:

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