Alzheimers: How hospice helps

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that affects cognitive function of the brain. It is one of the most common forms of dementia and leads to memory loss with patients needing a high level of care. There is no cure and the disease cannot be reversed.

HospiceWits understands the strain that caring for an Alzheimer’s patient can place on a family, particularly when the disease progresses to the point where the individual is incapable of caring for themselves. When people reach the advanced stages of the disease, they become eligible for hospice care.

HospiceWits can help Alzheimer’s patients in a number of ways. Their professional and compassionate staff can provide much needed support, especially in terms of managing symptoms and pain. They provide personalised care according to each patient’s individual needs, taking the pressure off families, and, the patient. Home aide services can also be provided if necessary.

Dealing with Alzheimer’s is hard on families and friends of the patient, and it is also a difficult emotional time for the patient themselves as they navigate memory loss and confusion. Emotional wellbeing is also an important part of the services that HospiceWits provides. Counselling as well as spiritual and emotional support is available for both patients and their families.  

Hospice care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease can be provided in hospitals, in hospice care centres as well as the patient’s own home. This depends on the severity of symptoms, however. While home care does help patients maintain their independence, specialised facilities would be the best option for those patients whose symptoms are severe and advanced.

Because Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, HospiceWits are available to assist the patient and their family when it comes to end-of-life care. This includes guiding the patient and their family through decision making, care and pain management as well as the vital emotional and spiritual support required during this trying time.

HospiceWits cares for many patients in the greater Johannesburg and Soweto areas, providing a safe and compassionate environment for those who need care during a life-threatening illness and towards the end of their lives. They also provide support for loved ones. In order to continue their work, HospiceWits relies on public donations as they receive no grants or payments from government. Should you wish to support HospiceWits, visit the webpage here: or visit one of their charity stores to either donate or buy goods in Orange Grove, Parkmore and Kensington.

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