Illuminate Hope: Support HospiceWits Tree of Light in 2023

Traditionally, the HospiceWits Tree of Light is an initiative that continues to be a beacon of hope, strength and a celebration of life. It is the time to remember loved ones who have passed and celebrate the lives of all those we love.

HospiceWits gives donors the chance to buy a globe for the Tree of Light, also offering them the opportunity to dedicate a message to someone who is dear to them. All funds raised will be utilised by HospiceWits to continue serving our community with fundamental palliative care, psychosocial health support and other crucial services in and around Johannesburg and Soweto.

How does it work?

Simply go to the Tree of Light website, click the “donate” tab at the top of the screen and you will be redirected to a page dedicated to the Tree of Light. You can then specify the name of the person you are buying the globe for, choose your preferred colour, write your message and then make your donation. Alternatively you can complete the purchase form here to dedicate a globe to your loved one.

Your special message and act of remembrance is available all year round, honouring the memory of someone special to you. All funds go to HospiceWits and are used to provide quality palliative care to those in need.

There is no better way to remember your loved ones than to celebrate their lives with a virtual globe that will always shine in their honour. Let your hope and love shine brightly.

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