HospiceWits brings hope with new support groups

At HospiceWits, we know how challenging it can be to care for someone with a dread disease or progressive illness. Caring for people in these circumstances is part of what we do. Part of our focus is also on bringing help and support to the families and loved ones of those who are patients with us, or who are caring for someone who has a debilitating illness.

HospiceWits has launched two new support groups to expand the care and understanding we offer to the family and loved ones of those with someone in their lives who suffers from cancer or dementia.

Support groups form a valuable part of care. They provide emotional support from others in similar situations, and may even help with practical tips on coping with the difficult situation of caring for someone who is suffering through a disease.

For this reason, the support groups offered by HospiceWits were established.

The cancer support group meets every first Saturday of the month, starting on 5 September, between 11am and 12:30pm. The dementia support group meets every last Saturday at the same times. Both groups are limited to no more than 15 people, and are held at HospiceWits, 50 Second Street, Houghton. The fee for each group is R150.

If you need extra support in caring for someone with cancer or dementia, or need emotional support during this trying time, these groups are designed to bring you the assistance you need. Remember you don’t have to walk this path alone.   

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