HospiceWits in Homecare

When a loved one is struggling with a life threatening or life limiting illness, it can be difficult to find the right care for them. HospiceWits provides patients and their families in and around Johannesburg and Soweto with care and support in managing these difficult illnesses.

HospiceWits’ qualified staff provide mainly Homecare services and In-Patient care as well.

What is Homecare?

Homecare aims to provide the right care and support to patients within their own homes. Members of the HospiceWits multi-disciplinary team will make regular home visits to attend to the patient and ensure that their medical needs are met. HospiceWits also provides psychological and spiritual support to patients and their families to help them navigate the challenges that they face in light of a life threatening or life limiting illness.

Patient visits may increase as illness progresses and needs increase.

The focus is to allow patients with advanced illness to be cared for in their homes, in familiar surroundings, and to honour their end-of-life wishes if they prefer to be at home.

The aim of providing Homecare is to promote family engagement in the care of the patient and when or if the needs of the patient / family change, then the In-Patient option is available to assist with pain control, symptom management or respite. The care provided may also cover support when changes occur in the patient’s health at a rapid rate.

Patients and families may choose Homecare where caregivers assist the multi-disciplinary team to provide the round the clock care. Should a crisis arise the multi-disciplinary team is available for expert opinion.

Our Homecare Doctor is available to support the patients with this care and will visit the patient when necessary, working in conjunction with the Homecare RN and/or if the patient doesn’t require continuous care. This is often undertaken when the patient is not in crisis if they are stable and their symptoms are under control.

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