The story of a patient: Hennie de Villiers

It is always difficult when someone we care about is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Where do you turn? Where do you find support? HospiceWits has been providing patients and their friends and family with support, guidance and care in Johannesburg and Soweto since 1979. We have seen many patients over the years, all with…

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‘The Grief Handbook’ offers guidance during the darkest times

The Grief Handbook is an indispensable tool to help families and friends navigate the grief they experience after a loved one has passed away. This book, from the pen of local writer Bridget McNulty, was released in July last year, and is a project that arose from the author’s own grief after her mother suddenly…

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When Grief Occurs Before a Loved One’s Passing

Intro: The month of October is Mental Health Awareness Month. Dealing with end-of-life and palliative care can affect the mental health of those caring for the ill as well as those who are ill themselves. HospiceWits understands these challenges and extends assistance to family and friends who are supporting those in our care. It’s not…

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