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How you can volunteer at HospiceWits

Have you wanted to support HospiceWits in some way, but don’t have the financial means to make a monetary contribution? Do you have some time on your hands? Becoming a HospiceWits Volunteer might be just the thing for you!

Volunteers are a crucial and central part of the HospiceWits team. Volunteers need not be trained healthcare workers to make a contribution, but can make a meaningful difference in many areas of the organisation when offering their time, skills and experience in other ways.

Here is how you can volunteer with HospiceWits.

  • Help in HospiceWits shops

HospiceWits’ three shops in Parkmore, Kensington and Orange Grove receive and collect donations from the public/organisations, all of which need to be sorted through and placed in the shops for resale and fundraising. Volunteers are most welcome to work in our depot, sorting goods, in the shops, dealing with our customers, or assisting with identifying collectables and then conducting some research.

  • Lend a hand at one of our annual fundraising events

Throughout the year, HospiceWits hosts a number of fundraising events to help raise much needed funds, and ensure we are able to continue providing the services to our patients and their families. These events include the HospiceWits SerendipiTea luncheon, our Book Fair in partnership with Polofields Crossing, the HospiceWits Night with the Stars gala event, and the Tree of Light picnic and tree-lighting event, amongst others. At all these events, additional resources are needed on the day, and also as we prepare for the event.

  • Offer psychosocial support

HospiceWits Volunteers can assist our Homecare Nurses in a variety of ways, including helping patients with errands that they aren’t able to run themselves, and taking outpatients to counselling sessions and other outings. If you have a means of transport, a valid driver’s licence, and some time to spare, you can provide invaluable help to some of the HospiceWits patients in this way.

  • Help us out with admin

HospiceWits is always appreciative of Volunteers who help us with administrative tasks either in our IPU, our Intake department, Human Resources, or other departments. Considering the amount of patients we care for in Johannesburg and Soweto, Volunteers that help us to stay on top of all the admin are a godsend.

How can you get involved?

If you would like to volunteer with HospiceWits in 2022, getting involved is as simple as completing a form on the HospiceWits website and expecting a call or an email from our Volunteer Coordinator.

We cannot fully express our supreme gratitude to each and every Volunteer that has helped us out over the years. Without these people, and the additional support we receive from the public, we would never have been able to offer our care to the many patients we serve.

Get involved as a HospiceWits Volunteer by clicking here.

Here are some good reasons to make charitable giving a part of 2022

Whilst charitable giving is crucial, and guarantees the day-to-day running of the many non-governmental organisations in our country, including HospiceWits, the public often doesn’t realise just how much giving to deserving charities actually does for them.

We’ve often highlighted how the donations you make to HospiceWits support the work we do in Johannesburg and Soweto, but have rarely focused on the many ways in which supporting NPOs can benefit you.

Giving to charities reinforces important moral values

If there’s one thing that the past two years have taught us, it is the importance of looking further than our own tiny circle, and realising how connected and intertwined all our lives are. When we support charities and NGOs, these values, and especially the quintessentially South African value of Ubuntu, are reinforced. We truly are people because of other people, and lending a helping hand to organisations that need it helps to remind us of this fact.

When you support charity, friends and family are inspired to do the same

We sometimes underestimate the ripple effect that giving has, and how that, in turn, impacts organisations that are in dire need of support. The beauty of giving is that there is an organisation out there that ties in with just about any cause that people could care about. When you give to NGOs and tell those near and dear to you about it, they are inspired to make their own little difference. As we all know, a lot of little giving becomes a lot more, and this improves society at large.

It instils positive values in our children

In this day and age, teaching kids the value of giving is of paramount importance. When children are used to being generous, they have a far greater appreciation of what they have, and are more likely to take these values with them into adulthood, and support charities. As NPOs start taking over a lot of the duties formerly performed by local, provincial and national government, ensuring that these organisations have the funds and manpower to do their work becomes more and more central to everyday society.

Giving feels good

Of course, there’s something to be said for the sense of satisfaction that we get from charitable giving. When we do good, we feel good.  

Supporting NGOs is more important now than ever before

COVID-19 has brought the plight of non-profits like HospiceWits into sharp focus. While everyone has certainly felt the financial brunt of the pandemic, these organisations have been hit particularly hard by the knock-on effect that less money in the pockets of donors has had.

While most of us have been feeling the pinch, it is important to reiterate that NGOs are solely reliant on the public to do the work they do. Insofar as it pertains to HospiceWits, making a difference is as easy as using your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card the next time you head to a participating retailer.

Making an impactful difference needn’t be difficult, or gnaw into your already threadbare wallet – and you’ll be making a definite contribution to an organisation that is only able to do our work because of you.

Find out how you can support HospiceWits in 2022 by clicking here.

A new way to support us: HospiceWits partners with

To ensure the continuity of our vital work of supporting and caring for patients with life-threatening illnesses, and their families, HospiceWits is totally reliant on donations and support from members of the public.

We have diverse fundraising activities throughout the year, which include the sales generated from our HospiceWits second-hand shops, situated in Kensington, Orange Grove and Parkmore. We are immensely grateful to all our loyal donors, comprising individuals, corporates, trusts, Club 2000 members, and all those who so generously support our annual events – perhaps the most well-known of these being the ever-popular Tree of Light event that will take place virtually again this year due to COVID-19.

HospiceWits is proud and happy to announce that we have partnered with another prominent organisation in order to further expand our fundraising reach.

Natan is an online shopping platform that gives customers the chance to donate between 10% and 16% of the price of their purchase to an organisation of their choice.

Stocking a wide range of products, ranging from electronics, jewellery, household items, PPE, stationery and many others, Natan aims to be the first online shopping port of call for consumers who want their purchases to be far more than just transactions.

To support HospiceWits through this partnership, simply purchase items via Natan’s online shopping portal, and then select HospiceWits as the beneficiary of your donation when checking out. This will allow you to donate between 10% and 16% of your purchase to us, and will help us to continue our care work in Johannesburg and Soweto. As the donation will be made in your name, you will also be eligible to receive a Section 18A tax certificate from us.  Thank you, Darryl Froom and for this wonderful opportunity.

HospiceWits was also recently listed on the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) International’s Global Charity database, further cementing us as an organisation that can be trusted to spend your donation wisely.

This festive season, please consider purchasing your Christmas gifts and other household goodies from our charity shops and online at

Every little bit helps, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.  

Don’t miss HospiceWits’ BIG year-end sale

Our HospiceWits shops in Kensington, Orange Grove and Parkmore – aside from being a favourite amongst Joburg’s thrifters – are a critical part of the fundraising efforts for the organisation. Income from these shops, selling pre-loved items donated to HospiceWits by our supportive community, provide the funds required to ensure we are able to serve our patients and their families in Johannesburg and Soweto.

The festive season is upon us, and with it being the season of giving, you are invited to drop by and purchase items on your Christmas shopping list. If you have not visited our shops yet, the HospiceWits BIG year-end sale is sure to attract your attention!

Do your Christmas shopping with us and save like never before. You are likely to find a special gift for yourself as well.

Check out these amazing offers from our Orange Grove, Parkmore and Kensington shops.

Orange Grove HospiceWits shop – 199 Louis Botha Avenue, Orange Grove

Bookshop and Vintage shop:

  • 25% off the full price paid
  • 25% off all items


  • 50% off when you purchase five or more items

Bargain shop / Furniture shop / Kiddies’ shop / Boutique:

  • 50% off most items

Kensington HospiceWits shop – 163 Queen Street, Kensington

Clothing and books:

  • 10% off when purchasing one item
  • 20% off when purchasing two items
  • 30% off when purchasing three items
  • 40% off when purchasing four items
  • 50% off when purchasing five or more items

Everything else:

  • 50% off

Parkmore shop – 11th Street, Parkmore

Clothing and books:

  • 10% off when purchasing one item
  • 20% off when purchasing two items
  • 30% off when purchasing three items
  • 40% off when purchasing four items
  • 50% off when purchasing five or more items

Everything else:

  • 50% off

Buying stocking fillers at bargain prices has never been easier. We cannot wait to welcome you.

But hurry – with savings like these, getting there before the last-minute Christmas rush is essential!

How COVID-19 has brought palliative care into sharp focus

Although great strides have been made in allowing the broader public to get a grasp of what exactly palliative care is, many misconceptions still remain about what palliative care entails and what its purpose is.

Chiefly, many people still equate palliative care with end-of-life care, not taking into account the interdisciplinary approach that is part and parcel of the service provided by organisations like HospiceWits. Although many people who receive palliative care are in the final stages of an incurable illness, many others are not. Additionally, hospice care doesn’t only take the needs of patients into account, but also offers support to their families and loved ones – this often takes a practical approach, teaching loved ones how to take care of the patient but, in addition, also provides counselling and spiritual guidance to both the patient and their family.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of modern healthcare, and it’s fair to assume that the way we approach caring for ill patients will be irrevocably changed by a virus that has now been in our midst for almost three years, with no signs of it subsiding just yet.

One aspect of healthcare that has certainly changed is the way in which palliative care has become intertwined with the way the virus is treated in hospitals. With many patients who contract COVID-19 unfortunately still passing away due to the virus, physicians and nursing staff have had to take a modus operandi that grapples with the challenges posed by the pandemic.

As many patients who have passed away from the virus have been unable to say their final goodbyes to loved ones in person, nursing staff have become the purveyors of palliative care, also using modern technology to allow patients and their families to speak via video call, for example.

Speaking about the renewed interest that COVID-19 has brought to palliative care in the US, Davis Baird, government affairs director for the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, has said that more and more individuals and policymakers are starting to see the needs that palliative care fulfils.

“There is a broad recognition that palliative care as a concept is really good at hitting what many call the triple aim in healthcare: it improves patient and family outcomes, it improves care experience at the point of care, and really critically on the policy side, results in cost savings,” says Baird.

Locally, the Association of Palliative Care Practitioners of South Africa (Palprac) has compiled guidelines for managing adult patients who receive home-based palliative care during the pandemic. As many of the patients that these guidelines are aimed at do not have access to healthcare services and providers, it has proved an invaluable tool to caretakers, whether they are professional palliative care practitioners, or the family of the person who is ill.

Although the circumstances that have led to this renewed interest in and esteem for palliative care are dire, it is heartening that the medical community as well as the general public are realising the importance of holistic healthcare that takes an interdisciplinary approach, which also includes offering support to the family and loved ones of the patient.

If you are in need of palliative care services in Johannesburg and Soweto, please feel free to contact HospiceWits – find out how here.

HospiceWits Tree of Light will again shine virtually in 2021

Over the past few years, HospiceWits’s Tree of Light tree-lighting ceremony at the Johannesburg Zoo has become one of our most cherished annual traditions. Due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, last year’s Tree of Light event took a virtual approach, inviting supporters, donors, and people wanting to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed, or the tireless healthcare workers in our country, to purchase a virtual globe and support this vital fundraising effort.

Of course, the pandemic is, unfortunately, still a factor that needs to be taken into account when organising our fundraising events, and HospiceWits has decided to again appeal to our supporters in the run-up to this year’s second virtual Tree of Light event.

Just as we did in 2020, HospiceWits gives our donors the chance to buy a virtual globe on our online Tree of Light, also offering them the opportunity to dedicate a message to someone who is dear to them. More than 500 virtual globes were sold last year, and HospiceWits hopes to greatly surpass this amount in 2021. All funds raised will be utilised by HospiceWits, as we continue serving our community with fundamental palliative care, mental health support and other crucial services in and around Johannesburg and Soweto.

How does it work?

Donors who would like to support HospiceWits in this important fundraising event are able to purchase a virtual globe directly on the Tree of Light website. When clicking on the “Donate” tab at the top of the screen, you will be redirected to a page where you can specify who you are buying a globe for, choose the colour of the virtual globe, write a message of dedication, and make payment.

We found the dedications that were made last year beautiful and heart wrenching – they truly were and are a heartfelt remembrance of people who clearly made a great impact on others during their lives.

We look forward to again offering this opportunity to our loyal supporters, and having them mark the impression their loved ones have made in a way that is novel and very different from our traditional tree-lighting ceremony, albeit still letting them pay tribute in a way that is meaningful and powerful.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for the latest news about HospiceWits Tree of Light 2021, and to learn more about the work we do.


Our dear colleague and friend, Arlene Angel, lost her long and very exhausting battle with cancer on Saturday morning, 28 September 2021 – an Angel has been called home to her Maker.

She is healed and at peace now.

HospiceWits will miss her terribly but remember her with everlasting fondness.

We feel the deep pain and the heartache as a family, and wish to dedicate messages and tributes to her as we celebrate the part of her life she gave unconditionally to HospiceWits.

Her passion, her loyalty, her cheerfulness, her empathy and nurturing personality, will be her legacy – as she lives on in our hearts, forever. 

Rest in Peace, special colleague and friend

Warm regards

Jacqui Kaye


As ‘Arlene’s Volunteer’ I was in the uniquely privileged position of working very closely with her and  over the years we shared much and became in many ways good friends. I heard her gentle and compassionate support of families in desperate need of help, her confident re -assurance when  a family member was in crisis and needed someone to take control – her loyalty to Hospice was exemplary and her commitment to palliative care unwavering. I grew to love and respect a remarkable woman – I miss her every day and am so very grateful for all that I learnt from her and for the way she enriched my life in ways beyond measure…


Arlene, it was such a blessing to have known such a beautiful soul. May your soul rest in eternal peace. You will be dearly missed…

Qinisile Buthelezi

Arlene, no words to describe how we feel, it’s still so unreal! Such a strong women, somebody to look up to. Lovely sweet and caring. May your soul rest in peace. You will be missed

xxx Marlene xxx

To Arlene, May your journey hereon be of Peace; Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, your legacy left behind will always be engraved in our Hearts and in the Spirit of HospiceWits.

Love always, Francois

Dear Arlene, Fly pain free with the Angels. You will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace, Arlene. Condolences to your sons, I know they were your entire world.

Love, Amina

Arlene, we will miss you as Soweto Hospice team. We will remember your loving tender care you were always willing to assist with a good attitude. Your door was always open. There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in our hearts. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

With love from Soweto Team

Lovingly remembered for your professionalism, dedication, empathy and kindness.  We miss you.

Love Lyn

Thanks to Arlene for her dedication to HospiceWits and her commitment to making sure that HospiceWits Palliative Care standard were top quality. Very lovely person and cared for every family and patient. It was a great pleasure to have worked with her; she was a very warm and loving person. Arlene will be dearly missed as both a colleague and friend.

Warm Regards

Sipho Siqaza

To our dearest Arlene, your friendship and support has been a truly wonderful gift over the years we worked together. I consider myself very fortunate to have been introduced to you. It is impossible to imagine the world without your optimism, humour and drive. All of us in the pharmacy will miss you very much.

Gavin Brown

Responsible Pharmacist

Arlene, you are lovingly remembered for your kindness, patience and empathy to all those who were privileged to know and with you. You will be sorely missed by the Pharmacy personnel. May you rest in peace


(Volunteer Pharmacy)

I share my sincere and deep condolences both personally and on behalf of the HospiceWits Board of Governors to Arlene’s family, to the HospiceWits staff, and to you Jacqui.

Dr Brad Beira

Chairperson: HospiceWits Board of Governors

Such sad news Jacqui. May her dear soul Rest in Peace; Never to be forgotten

Sending love and light to her grieving family and the family of HospiceWits

Michael Judin

HospiceWits Board of Governors for over 23 years

This is such sad news. My sincere condolences to Arlene’s sons (Chad, Jonty and Jarred), her family and the HospiceWits family.

Arlene lived a full life and today we honour her life through our tributes.

I had the privilege to work with her at HospiceWits; we shared many good days as colleagues. I will always remember her gentleness and her kind heart.

She is fondly remembered and what a privilege to have worked with her for so many years.

To her sons and family, thank you for affording us this time to share our fond memories of your Mother/sister. May it bring you comfort during this time.

Fond regards

Esme Pudule
HW Board member
Operations Manager
Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA)

My sincere condolences on the passing of Arlene Angel to you, her family, friends and the HospiceWits family. May the Lord comfort everyone during this trying time.

Kind regards

Sharon Carter
HR Director
Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA)


We are so sorry to hear about Arlene.  This must be a very difficult time for you and your colleagues.

From CHoiCe Trust our sincerest condolence.


Antoinette Schutte

Programme Manager

Good morning Jacqui

We are very saddened at the passing of Arlene. Our deepest sympathy to her family and to your hospice.

Take care

Kind regards

Colleen Douglas



Whilst I never had the opportunity to meet Arlene, if my experience with our team of nurses is anything to go by, I am certain that she was a valued, loved and inspiring part of your team.

Wishing you all strength and courage as you navigate your way through this loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with her family and her friends.

Robert de Wet

Chief Executive Officer


Dear Jacqui,

I am very sorry for your loss. Arlene was an icon so HPCA will be paying tribute to her on our Website.

With warm regards,

Ewa Skowronska, MD, MPH
Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa (HPCA)

I am so sorry Jacqui. My condolences to you and your team.

Kind regards,

Melissa Knox

Dear Jacqui and all at Hospice Wits

It is with an extremely sad and heavy heart that I send this message of sympathy to you on the passing of Arlene Angel. Please accept my personal heartfelt condolences as well as from everyone at Hospice East Rand.  What a huge and sorrowful loss.

Arlene has turned her face to the sun and may she now rest in eternal peace.

Warm regards

Brenda Bisschoff



We take this opportunity to wish Arlene’s family, her friends and everyone at HospiceWits our sincerest condolences as we know a colleague and a loved one will be dearly missed.  She will leave a large hole indeed. Our sincerest condolences on the passing of such a lovely, sweet person. 

Warmest regards,



So sorry for your loss but grateful that Arlene’s suffering is over

Tersia Burger

CEO : Stepping Stones Hospice

Dear Jacqui and all staff of HospiceWits

I was heartbroken to hear of Arlene’s passing… just wanted to send my love to you all…. please pass my thoughts on the Homecare team, and to her family

Carin Berman

Arlene has been a loyal stalwart at HospiceWits for so long, and was really excellent in the way she welcomed new patients and families into the concept of palliative care, at a time when many were extremely anxious and afraid. She will certainly be missed

Kind Regards

Dr Mike Brown

How could I forget meeting Arlene when I first visited our sister hospice in May 2007?  Arlene, small in size, and quite large in expressing her love for her work, told us stories of how she works to ensure all referred patients and their families are quickly assessed and admitted into the hospice.  Her voice was joyful, her smile quite large.  She had an amazing system to keep track of everyone, so no one was left behind in receiving care.  I remember being quite impressed how Arlene managed everything she did so incredibly well.  What I equally remember is what a loving, kind, and grateful human being she was.  We bonded over our love of all things hospice and over our shared religious faith.  Although we had only met, I felt like I met a kindred spirit. My feelings about Arlene only grew over subsequent work trips to visit at HospiceWits.  Arlene is truly a one of a kind person and I am grateful I had the chance to meet her and call her friend.  She will be deeply missed.


Stacy F Orloff, Ed. D., LCSW, ACHP-SW
Vice President, Innovation and Community Health


Polofields Crossing Spring Book Fair delights lovers of literature

After weeks of anticipation, Joburg’s bibliophiles again headed to the Polofields Crossing Book Fair, following a very successful first iteration of this literary event earlier this year. The Spring Book Fair, which was held in support of HospiceWits, also heralded the introduction of some new events, adding another layer to the proceedings, which centred on selling second-hand books from HospiceWits shops.

The Polofields Crossing Spring Book Fair took place from 24 to 26 September at the shopping centre in Midrand, and was the first to feature talks with local authors. Media personality Aki Anastasiou spoke to Luthando Dyasop and Janine Lazaru – the authors of Out of Quatro and Bait, respectively – about their latest literary releases, luring book lovers to The Codfather and The Potato Shed at Polofields Crossing on Saturday, 25 September. Both authors’ books draw on real-life events, and attendees of the talks (the proceeds of which went directly towards supporting the work that HospiceWits does) were blown away by their larger-than-life experiences.

Aside from literary-inspired menus and hundreds of pre-loved books on offer, this Book Fair also allowed aspiring authors to submit their own work for consideration in the very first Polofields Crossing Book Fair Writing Challenge, presented in association with the SA Writers College. Writers were tasked with writing between 250 and 300 words, drawing inspiration from items found at our HospiceWits shops. Lerato Mahlangu won the third prize for “The Keeper of Legends”, while Kiara Naidoo was the runner-up with her short story, titled “Conjoined”?. The judges chose Charlotte Manda’s “The Memories She Kept” as the winning story. All three winners walked away with cash prizes and vouchers from Polofields Crossing, SuperSpar Polofields and West Pack Lifestyle.

HospiceWits is grateful to Polofields Crossing and to all the shops at the centre that took part in the festivities by running their own special offers over the long weekend. Our heartfelt thanks also go to SuperSpar at Polofields, that donated the proceeds from boerewors roll sales over the weekend to HospiceWits. All in all, the Polofields Crossing Spring Book Fair raised more than R40 000, which will definitely go a very long way in assisting the palliative care staff of HospiceWits to continue offering care and support to our patients in the community that we serve in and around Johannesburg.

Lastly, our warmest gratitude to everyone that attended the Book Fair – we can’t wait to welcome you back again for another celebration of the written word very soon!

These authors will share their stories at the Polofields Crossing Book Fair

The Polofields Crossing Book Fair in support of HospiceWits is back, and with talks by skilled South African wordsmiths, literary-inspired menus and free coffee from Manaka, this one promises to be one for the books.

The Spring Book Fair will be the first to feature talks by local authors, and on Saturday, 25 September, Luthando Dyasop and Janine Lazarus take to the stage to discuss their latest books.

Artist and former MK soldier Luthando Dyasop will be talking about his recently published and acclaimed memoir, Out of Quatro. The book not only documents Dyasop’s extraordinary life, but also marks a tumultuous time in ANC history – the resonance of which is still reverberating through the ruling party today. Decades after being released from Quatro, the author has found his voice to tell this important story.

Alongside Dyasop, Janine Lazarus will be sharing her own astonishing real-life encounters, as captured in her book, Bait. Formerly a Sunday Times journalist, Lazarus’s book encapsulates the suburban terror that the so-called Norwood Rapist and serial killer wreaked on women in this suburb in the early 1990s. In a deadly game of cat and mouse, echoing Clarice and Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, the police use Lazarus as a decoy to hunt down Jacobus Geldenhuys. As the hunter hunts the hunted, things become very personal.

The talks, which are presented in association with NB Publishers, will be held at Polofields Crossing, with tables and seating provided by The Codfather and The Potato Shed. The conversation will be led by the esteemed radio host, Aki Anastasiou, and tickets can be bought for R70 each. All proceeds go to HospiceWits.

  • Where: Polofields Crossing, Corner of Polofields Drive and Waterfall Drive, Midrand
  • When: Saturday, 25 September 2021
  • Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Join us for lunch this Heritage Day long weekend, and leave with a few good books and loads of insight in tow.

Taking place on 24, 25 and 26 September, the Polofields Crossing Spring Book Fair will feature thousands of pre-loved books to peruse in the book tent. Attendees are reminded that they may also bring their own pre-loved reads for donation at the book tent.

Get your tickets here.

Mandela Day 2021: This is how you can help HospiceWits

Mandela Day was first celebrated in 2010, and aims to mobilise citizens to devote 67 minutes to community service on 18 July. The 67 minutes are derived from the 67 years Madiba spent fighting for social justice.

HospiceWits, in its capacity as a non-profit organisation that aims to better the quality of life of the patients we serve, as well as of their families, is heavily dependent on donations from the public and corporate institutions to continue doing our work. While we are always grateful for any donations, we now especially appeal to donors to consider contributing in the spirit of Mandela Day.

All the funds we raise go towards catering to the needs of patients with life-threatening illness that HospiceWits cares for, and to also provide additional support to the families that have entrusted the care of their loved ones to us.

This Mandela Day, HospiceWits’ wish list relates to the refurbishment of our in-patient care (IPU) facilities. Following recent upgrades to one of our IPUs, we are looking to undertake further renovations, and are in need of:

  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint vouchers
  • Any contributions towards repairs

There are various other ways in which you can assist HospiceWits on Mandela Day, both financially and otherwise, and we thank you in advance for making a difference to the lives of our patients and their families.

Club 2000

HospiceWits’ Club 2000 doesn’t only form an integral part of this charity’s fundraising efforts, but also rewards Club 2000 members by entering them into a monthly cash draw, standing a chance to win a whopping R20 000 every month. A commitment of as little as R50 enters you into our monthly draw, and Club 2000 members may choose to sign up for as many numbers as they wish in order to maximise their chances of winning.

Register HospiceWits as a beneficiary on your MySchool card

When you register HospiceWits as a beneficiary on your MySchool card, we will receive a percentage of the transaction every time you swipe your card at a participating retailer. Here is how to sign up for the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card, and to set up HospiceWits as a beneficiary.

Support our shops

HospiceWits shops are central to our annual fundraising. Our shops in Parkmore, Orange Grove and Kensington are especially popular among Joburgers that are looking for bargains, as is our stand at the Rosebank Flea Market.

Every time you buy something at our charity shops, you are directly contributing to covering our day-to-day expenses, but please don’t forget that we are also thrilled to receive donations. We are always looking for:

– Pots, pans and kitchen goods
– Crockery, cutlery
– Linen and curtains
– Ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing
– Furniture
– Electrical items in working order
– Ornaments, bric-a-brac, general home goods
– Books, DVDs and CDs
– Toys

– Non-perishable food donations for distribution to our patients

If you have a large quantity of items to donate and are unable to deliver them yourself, we also collect! Please call our depot on 011 728 1052.