Donations in Kind

Special Occasion Donations in Lieu of Gifts

Make a birthday, wedding anniversary and any other occasion more meaningful and memorable by giving a “gift in celebration,” to HospiceWits.

Whatever the occasion, you can ask your family and friends to make a donation to HospiceWits in your name, in lieu of buying a gift you may not really need or want.  Some people have just about everything they need, so give a gift that will really make a difference to someone’s quality of life!

We will create a special certificate for the person in whose name the donation is made, advising them of the donation.  Certificates can be e-mailed directly or collected from our Houghton premises.  Donations to HospiceWits are also tax-deductible, so please remember to request your Section 18A Tax Certificate.

For more information call 011-483-9100 and choose the Fundraising / Events option.