Make HospiceWits a part of your legacy

Leave a gift in your will

It is a common misconception that only wealthy people leave money in their Wills to charity. The reality is that most charitable bequests are made by people who just want to make a positive difference after they’ve gone.

After family and loved ones, you may wish to consider a bequest to HospiceWits that will ensure your legacy lives on.  We provide vital Palliative and psychosocial care for patients with life-threatening and terminal illnesses, as well as their families. Bequests to Non-Profit Organisations are exempt from tax and may lead to savings in the amount of estate duty payable.

You can bequeath an amount in cash – either fixed or calculated as a percentage of your residual estate – or a specific asset, such as a piece of land or valuable collector’s item, or even a combination of these. The choice is yours, as is the decision to attach any conditions to your bequest.

Preparing your Will is very personal and we recommend that you consult your professional adviser. You can decide to update your existing Will by downloading a Codicil (link below) and attaching it to your Will.

Should you wish to tell us about a gift left to HospiceWits in your Will, we promise to keep this information confidential, and we would love to be able to thank you personally.

Download the Codicil form here