HospiceWits provides care to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of patients facing life-limiting illness, and to their families. This is done with the aim of achieving the best quality of life for the patient.

Our desire is to be involved with the patient from the moment of diagnosis, offering love, comfort and emotional support and care to them and their family.

Through our training and education, we offer courses for professionals and the general public, such as the Grief, Loss and Bereavement Course, or a one-week Introduction to Palliative Care, as well as various other courses.

For registration forms and more information, please email us at


QCTO Accredited NQF L2 Assisted Home Based Personal Carer Qualification (70 credits) SAQA ID 104779

6 Months Full-Time Training; Practicals and Work Skills Placement Training.

Entry requirements for this level:

Grade 9 or ABET learner qualification in NQF L1

Cost: R19 000,00

QCTO Accredited NQF L3 Home Based Personal Carer Qualification (135 credits) SAQA ID 104792

12 Months Full-Time Training; Practicals and Work Skills Placement Training.

Entry requirements for this level:

Matric with English and Maths (Core or Lit.)

Cost: R27 000,00

Applications for our accredited courses close on 17 December 2021

Short Courses (non-accredited)

The following courses are offered as non-credit (non-accredited) courses (also known as short courses or workshops), for adult based learning; self-enhancement and learning development. They are for persons who wish to broaden their knowledge, develop their skills and broaden their personal and professional learning experiences within a specific field of healthcare. The offered courses are equally important and much needed in enabling the learners to provide additional professional, supportive and therapeutic skills to persons within their communities, as well as alleviate burden on the existing overwhelmed South African Health Care Systems.


Workshops on offer are done through face to face training.

Ancillary Health Care Workshop (AHC)

Cost: R2900,00

Course Duration: 10 Days over a 3 Month period

This course will enable the learner to be competent in the following aspects of home care:

General hygiene in the home.

Bed bathing, bed making and making sure the patient is comfortable at all times.

Mouth care and proper cleaning procedures.

Prevention of bedsores by regular massage of body parts and changing positions.

Temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure.

Basic Nutrition and education to family members about what to feed the patient.

Care of the dying, preparation of the family and patients, unfinished matters.


Foundational Anatomy and Physiology.

Professional communication as opposed to social communication.

Patient rights and dignity.

Assessments, Assignments and Tests will be written, and a certificate will be issued on completion.

We endeavour to provide the highest palliative and health care skills development training to all our learners. We strongly encourage you to further your training and enhance your skills development through our reputable training centre.

We are an accredited organisation with the Hospice Palliative Care Association South Africa (HPCA), the Council for Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa (Cohsasa), as well as the Quality Council for Trades and Occupation (QCTO).


If you are interested in the any of the above courses, please kindly complete the attached registration document and return to with a copy of your identification / passport document. Please do not make any course payments or deposits until after your application and communication from the training coordinator.

The following payment options are available, except for workshops less than three months:

  • 50% Deposit upon registration
  • 25% Payment mid-course
  • 25% Payment end of course


  • Course dates and time schedules may be subject to change due to unplanned circumstances within short notice to learners.
  • Closing date for January 2022 intake is on the 17th of December 2021.


Please kindly note that no refunds will be given if a learner cancels the course or does not complete the course on the due date; course extension fees will apply. No certificates will be issued until all fees are paid in full.

Course contents and materials will only be accessible to learners once the deposit has been received by our financial department and learners had been receipted for the deposit made or fees payed in full.